exercise classes taught by Ine van den Munckhof in Venray, the Netherlands.
The exercises are based on the Bagot Stack system developed in the United Kingdom and promoted by the Fitness League.

We have a good working relationship with the local physio-, Caesar and Mensendieck therapists.

The link with England was established when Ine did her 3 years teacher-training course with the WLHB. She still attends teacher refresher-courses regularly.





The motto of The Fitness League, formerly HB Exercise is "Movement is Life". At all classes you have a chance to meet new friends, to relax and enjoy yourself. The teachers will aim to improve your posture and physical well-being through exercise. Benefit from easier joint mobility, improved muscle tone and stretch. Strenghten the muscles of the pelvic floor and increase your cardiovascular fitness. The combination of music, dance and exercise will aid your co-ordination leading to a better sence of rhythm and movement.

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